Conservative treatment CTS without surgeryCarpaStretch® is an innovative elastic device to stretch the carpal tendon (Flexor Retinaculum) which spreads over the carpal tunnel. You can find many publications concerning the therapy of stretching the carpal tendon. While many of these stretching “machines” work by applying enormous forces, causing pain and mostly result in short term relief, CarpaStretch® follows a different approach.
As we know in case of sports consistent and gentle stretching over a longer period gives best and longer lasting results. This approach is followed for mastering yoga also. 
Due to its elastic material, CarpaStretch® is quite comfortable to wear and therefore can be worn over a longer period. By using the adhesive pads, the optimum force can be applied by adjusting the tightness with the hook and loop fastener.
Even with little but consistent stretching there will be improvement. (Many participants of the study reported a sustainable improvement of their symptoms in only four weeks of wearing CarpaStretch® for 4 to 5 hours per day.)

Treatment CTS without surgery


In the initial stage of wearing CarpaStretch®, it is important to be patient and to slowly increase both the pressure as well as the duration of use.

Just like sports, the individual training sessions should be adjusted as per one’s personal capacity.
CarpaStretch® can be worn while doing most of the routine activities.
Many patients are reporting that they are able to wear CarpaStretch® throughout the night without any problems after an initial settling time of 1 - 2 months.
Because of these characteristics CarpaStretch® is useful even in advanced stages of the symptoms.
Interim results of the independent clinical study clearly prove this.
Hence in many cases surgery, to cut the carpal tape tendon, could be avoided.