CarpaStretch® - The  Stretching Device

Innovative device for conservative treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Stretch away the Pain

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CarpaStretch® is a stretching device for conservative treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without surgery

Our stretching device is capable to replace the quite often prescribed cock-up splint after short wearing time for treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For treatment of the root cause  an extension oft he Carpal Tunnel is mandatory. As state of scientific knowledge only two methods are effective:

  • The first one is the classical surgery, where the Carpal Band is cut.
  • The second one, which extends the Carpal Tunnel without surgery, needs a stretching of the Carpal Band.

As to the design of the CarpaStretch® stretching device, it is capable to increase the space in the Carpal Tunnel by directing the necessary forces to the palm over a longer period of time.

Due to it’s good wearability a regular usage will lead to a comparable extension of the Carpal Tunnel as as achieved after surgery. However, the surgical risks will be avoided by a conservative treatment with CarpaStretch®. In addition without surgery a scar formation cannot disturb the healing process.

A clinical study proves the success of  the conservative treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The positive result of CarpaStretch® is also confirmed by numerous customer feedback. Meanwhile requests of Doctors and Neurologists are reaching us more and more frequently, who got aware of us by the positive progression of their patients. The neurological measured values, especially the velocity conduction tests, show an improvement, which before was only observed after surgery.

In the meantime there even are some employers, who take over the costs of this conservative treatment of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without surgery, as they are convinced by the positive feedback of CarpaStretch®. Address your request to the corporate health and safety desk or to HR. The downtime for sick leaves after surgery is significant and amounts in an average between 3 und 8 weeks.

Summarized the experience shows extremely positive results of CarpaStretch® for the conservative treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome even without surgery.